This is a Talking Co-pilot for Android phones (Android 4+). It is designed for minimalist fliers of hand-gliders, paragliders and untralights and balloonists. Simply set the altimeter datum and the app speaks your Height, Speed (g/s) and Direction (track) after you put the phone is in standby mode.

It speaks your chosen flight vectors at user-specified intevals using your phone's realistic text-to-voice feature.
Talking CoPilotTalking CoPilot
See 'setting it up', below, for details on how to install the app and your text-to-speech Android phone feature.
FREE Pilot's Talking CoPilot for Android
There are settings allowing you to customise the app including setting the altimeter to read from sea-level or take-off/runway height and using imperial or metric units.

You can save your battery power for after flight by choosing a battery percentage at which the app closes.
Download the latest app APK installer.
Setting it up...
Setting it up...
Talking CoPilot