Nature Explorer for Android comes as a phone or tablet app. Users may download topics as required and this data is stored in internal memory (downloading all 15 topics will require 350mb).

There are two different Android apps and you should choose the app which most suites your device. The Phone app version will be compatible with most Android phones and tablet. The Tablet app supports standard tablet sizes only.
Nature   ExplorerNature   Explorer
Phone App
This is the portrait layout version for phones and non-standard tablets
Tablet App
This is the landscape version for standard tablets
Tablet app for standard Android tablets only
Phone app for all devices
FREE Nature Explorer 8.1 for Android 4+
Software Updated: 1 MARCH 2017
Legacy Apps
Still using Android v2 or v3?  Here are two old versions.
Version 7.2
Version 6.6
Uninstall previous version first.